Sink - The Process
(Kult of Nihilow)

From Aural Innovations January 2009 update

This is a dark, heavy, slow, crushing drone CD with some haunting melodies. There are 7 tracks, including 3 instrumentals in 39 minutes. The band is from Finland. The opening track has intense and pure drone out parts and very ethereal vocals. Ascension features some acoustic guitar to mix in with the threatening sound that appears that it will lead forward and engulf the track but manages to stay in the background although always threatening. Deserted is basically an very effect track of organ drone. It really sets a special mood as you move into Receiving Silence. This track is very strange at first with some machine sounds and then a very deep bass starts to boil up to the surface and then some intense high pitched sounds filter in and finally what at first sounds like a loop of jets flying by as things get more and more intense. Resignation is a slow drone piece. Borderzone has some very ethereal human voices again (female) mixed into the rolling drone that makes up the track. The Silence ends the CD and really brings back the power, the dark heavy foreboding vibe. Pretty far out stuff.

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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