Spids Nøgenhat- Stengade 30, København 12/6/08

From Aural Innovations January 2009 update)

Spids Nøgenhat are a Danish band that have not played together since 2000. This concert and the night before in Aalborg were the only two, but based on talking with the guys, they had such a blast, they will play again. Anyway, the club was pretty packed and Flowershowers made amazing lights with Frank (old light guru for Hurdy Gurdy and other Danish bands in the early 70’s). There was no support, just what we wanted to hear… The band hit the stage about 10:30 and played for about 80 minutes, and though they started off a bit slow, by the time they got to Mand, they were flying. The band is a different line up from the old days. Lorenzo played acoustic guitar only in the old days, but now played 12 string acoustic and Farfisa organ. He was backed by the Baby Woodrose drummer and bass player (who were not in the original line up) as well as the two original guitar players, Morten Aron and Henrik (both from On Trial and Dragontears). They played originals and some amazing cover versions of some old classic Danish songs from the Psychedelic era. The first encore, a cover of the Danish band Cinderella, called Unkoksing I 3 Satser was amazing and the band jammed in E like the old Hawkwind days and blew us out into space. They ended the show with Ud på Landet but were drawn back and played their theme song again, Hvad har du Taget where they sing the words Spids Nøgenhat. Amazing concert and the best this year by a Danish band, I would say. Great to see a lot of friends including Ole, Martin, Nils, Jens, JonA, Nik H, Erik, Petter, etc.

Set List: Giv Slip!, Hobbittens Flyvetyr, Hvad har du Taget, Det Psychedeliske Tapet, Mand, En Drøm, Vand Brød og The, Spindelvævene Blomstrer, Encore: Unkoksing I 3 Satser , Ud på Landet, Hvad har du Taget

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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