Taylor’s Universe with Denner - Soundwall
(Marvel of Beauty Records MOB018)

From Aural Innovations January 2009 update

Danish Multi-instrumentalist Robin Taylor is back with a new release. I think this was his first in 2008 and his 24th since 1991! It features Michael Denner from Mercyful Fate fame on guitar, Karsten Vogel (Secret Oyster, Burning Red Ivanhoe) on Saxes, Rasmus Grosell (drums) and Robin on everything else. Long time colleague Louise Nipper also is featured on vocals here and there and does the mixing with Robin. Anyway, the CD features 6 unique tracks. Tag Attack begins with Robin playing the organ before the band kicks in. This is a really great track and reminds me of the German band Electric Orange at times. This is an excellent opening track with amazing guitar and sax. Step Aside is a more melodic track until the middle part when the keyboard plays a darker theme and then Michael and Karsten trade jabs and punches and kicks. Another great track. Out of Season starts with organ and is a quite experimental piece with the use of phasing on the instruments. Totally Greek starts with some piano and organ and is suppose to make you feel happy. It is like some movie soundtrack stuff for when two friends meet again after not seeing each other for a long time. Louise Nipper adds some vocal phrasing as well. The end of the track really changes for the better as I was getting tired of that and some ripping guitar and a nice change in the keyboard lines. Sandwich starts with some drone stuff as the track builds up really nicely and features some great sax from Karsten and a cool bass line (reminds me of Laswell) by Robin. Aspx, the longest track at 8½ minutes closes the CD. This track has a really nice groove that really builds up nicely with Robin’s keyboards taking the lead but then the guitars soar into the picture and then the track sort of fades out. Fantastic CD.

Check out the Robin Taylor web site at:http://www.progressor.net/robin-taylor

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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