Turzi - A
(Kemado Records KEM59)

From Aural Innovations January 2009 update

Turzi is really something different compared to all the bands on this label. They are very electronic, eclectic and experimental. They hail from France and have decided to start with the letter A! All 13 tracks begin with the letter A. A starts the CD and is a 2½ minute electronic piece, a bit like Kraftwerk. Alpes is next and has some intense drumming as the synths drone and guitars float and no real riff takes place but the piece moves forward and onward up the mountain until the dreamy, space vocal kicks in. Very Kraut rock style stuff and some nice psychedelic keyboards at the end and a huge bass drops the bomb on your sound system in the last minute! Animal Signal keep up the high pace, driving music but the guitar line leads a bit more in this track and it has a killer groove and gets quite psychedelic. Afghanistan keeps the intensity up and the vocal is a bit like Pink Floyd to start. Think of a high intensity version of Electric Orange and you will get the idea of where this band is flying. This track has a quite heavy guitar and a lot of spacey stuff happening. Acid Taste flows directly out of the last track and features a real 70’s synth line and a very steady backdrop for the headcandy as the intensity builds up. A Notre Pere is spoken in French and is a more laid back piece but still psychedelic. Aigle picks up the pace again and is really a hard driving instrumental. Amadeus is really electronic including the drums (all other tracks so far are real drums) and a bit tranced out and dreamy but without the real thumping bass line. Attila Blues is quite a psychedelic one with more guitar riffs (not one guitar solo on this CD though) once again but just as spaced out! Authority 17 is a combination of a faster pace and really spaced out stuff, and a psychedelic guitar freakout of sorts. Allah Delon almost sounds like it is playing at the wrong speed and has a bit different sound production. They are trying to fuck with your head. The CD ends with Axis of Good, the longest song at nearly 9 minutes. Extremely cool stuff if you like a sort of hard rocking psychedelic kraut rock like experience.

Check out the band web site at: http://www.myspace.com/turzi
Check out the Record Label web site at: http://www.kemado.com

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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