Witchcraft, Causa Sui - Loppen, Christiania 9/26/08

From Aural Innovations January 2009 update)

This was an amazing night of music. Causa Sui asked me if I could do a multitrack recording with my HD24 hard disc recorder. I showed up early and had dinner and got everything set up. The Witchcraft guys were totally cool and also agreed to allow a soundboard recording, which was great. A pretty good crowd showed up for the first ever show of Witchcraft in Denmark. Causa Sui started at about 10:20 or so and played two new semi-improvised jams that they had worked out the weekend before. They also had the Swedish sax player again like at the summer gig. They were amazing… wow… I think the audience dug it as well. The recording out very well. The sound guy over gated the channel with the kick drum though so it is useless.

We talked Witchcraft into playing a longer set since we were making a soundboard recording and they agreed. It turned out to be about 90 minutes and they said it was the longest show they had ever played. I also think it was the best of the 4 times I have seen them. They were great. They even tried to jam a bit which was cool. Amazing night…

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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