Enormous - "Attentionsbahn"
(SonaMiuzik 2008 SONA-08)

From Aural Innovations July 2009 update

Bo, Kruz, Lou, Mau and Al make up this weirdo Italian space-rocking combo. With the opening cut, they vamp on a speedy heavy intro before taking flight on "Pour It On Your Head", spaced Hawk-rock via F/i-style, the synth that's laid down reminds me a lot of those guys, but it's also in the way they speed up some of their jams incrementally. The strange fx-ed nasally vocals start in on a title-chant. Good shit. "Few Orbison" is next with some pretty cool talky guitar stacatto. But they kind of get stuck on a jam that feels like it's building something but doesn't quite create the full erection (pardon the architectural metaphor). They get into the "Born To Go" riff a bit, lots of wah. "Arabs In Manhattan"... a creepy repetitive bass-line while the vocalist really goes off on an ugly freaked-out stream-of-consciousness rant that ranges from flying camels to the Beatles to coprophelia and other nonsense (in non-native English of course), by which time the rhythm section has gotten funky. Dunno about this one. "Fly Low Dragonfly" is another speedy riff/bass-drum hammering with some cosmic plinky guitar sounds. Another guitar is fed through something to give it an echoed-organ tone. Good stuff. "Everybody Out!" as closer is probably the winner here. Especially after another intensely speedy jam kicks in, some really inventive cosmic guitars sound off and the singer belts out the title along with some cool fx'ed (and indecipherable) vocals. The album as a whole isn't particularly cohesive, but there are a couple of gems. I like these guys, they've got character.

For more information you can visit the Enormous web site at: http://www.sonamiuzik.net
Email at: enormous@sonamiuzik.net

Reviewed by Chuck Rosenberg

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