Sendelica - "The Girl From the Future Who Lit Up the Sky With Golden Worlds"
(R.A.I.G. R-039 2009)

From Aural Innovations July 2009 update

Recorded in the U.S. and Wales, on a Russian label, Sendelica is at times standard but still pretty cool space-rock, sometimes with a heavy/stoney vibe, at others with a more dreamy sound, always quite spacious. The intro-cut, "Standing On the Edge", sounds like Monster Magnet playing Hawkwind or Sabbath. "Manhole Of the Universe" rambles on for about 12 minutes, starting out like a kind of slow bluesy boogie, the lead guitar going off with some tasty wah-pickery, some other effect going "woooooooo"... then later segueing into a more mellow segment with clean guitar and spaced out keys backing things up. Pretty nice. Then it launches back into the heavy part again. I'm liking "Hazelnut"... the opening guitar melody is kind of a mellow Hendrix-y style, a very soulful space-rock ballad. The pleasant bleeps, blurps and whooshes of the synth are low in the mix. The guitars: not so much! As by now they've kicked in to full flange/wah mode to close out what's become a quite exhilarating jam. "Dark Disco"... they keep switching directions with this jam. Well, about as fast as a stoned-out psyche band of this nature is able... it almost sounds like a medley. Some of the riffs are pretty familiar. A decent tune, but a bit plodding. The five-minute title-track is a beautiful dream of serenity, a gorgeous sound of shimmery keys and weepy guitars, think maybe Spacious Mind at their utmost melodious spaciousness. "Glory Bee" - the riffs are pretty recycled, but the guitar sound is such a cosmic heavy grunginess that they pull it off. The closing piece jams for 14 minutes on the "Iron Man" riff, but it's spiced up with plenty of space debris in the form of hand-percussives, flute, sax and various freaky whoosh-fx. I was tempted to say that this was over-extended, but listening again realize that they really did need to build this long to reach the intense crescendo that's achieved... or maybe it's the climax itself that's too long. Too, they could have used a less familiar riff than the ever-lurking Sabbath standard. Aw, fuck it - this is an orgasmically noisy space-rock trip, so let it ride!

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Reviewed by Chuck Rosenberg

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