Graveyard (opening for Danko Jones)- Lille Vega, København 2/25/09

From Aural Innovations May 2009 update

I met up with Nils and Tom and we were all on the guest list, which was cool. I had an all day meeting the next day so I was just going to see and record Graveyard and go home. They started about 9 and there were more people than I though would be here. Good crowd. They only had a 35 minute set but started off with a 10 min jam on As the years pass By. I was hoping to hear more new songs as they said they would record a new CD this summer but it was the same two we heard all last year. Anyway, this is a really great band and I have high hopes for their next album… Nils and Tom said that Danko played a very hard rocking show and really surprised them.

Set List: As the years pass By, Submarine Blues, Ungrateful are the Dead, ?, Siren, Evil Ways

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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