Asteroid No. 4 - 'These Flowers Of Ours'
(Committee To Keep) Catalog no: EVILCD514

From Aural Innovations May 2009 update

Every bit as good (if not better than) their previous CD release, 'An Amazing Dream' - see my review in Aural Innovations issue, number 37. I realize it's been noted several times but the last two Asteroid No. 4 titles really are a lot like a bunch of songs from the lost Syd Barrett archive. Every tune here left me wanting more. For example "My Love" features some simply beautiful acoustic guitar playing, "Let It Go" resembles an undiscovered Syd Barrett composition (so much) featuring some killer harmonica playing, that you'll swear up and down that it actually is possible to be a Barrett cover - same with "She's All I Needed". "War" is a nice, somewhat airy track, loved the trippingly awesome "Flowers Of Ours", "Hei Nau Lah" employs some great harmony vocals, as I couldn't help but to notice the shoe gazing "She Touched The Sky", the well written "All Fall Down" and "Empty Like A Little Child". Line-up: Scott Vitt - guitar & vocals, Aislim Van Kried - keyboards & vocals, Eric Harms - guitar & bass, Damine C. Taylor - bass and Adam Weaver - drums & vocals. CD comes is a neatly assembled three-fold digipack. I thought this was likely one of the best psychedelic releases of 2008. Personally, I'd love to catch these guys play live, as they do tour regularly - according to their site. Really a shame this genre of music isn't more known or better accepted in this day and age. Like most CD's I end up reviewing, this disc will stay in my possession for life. Will also keep it in my 'current rotation stack' for a long time. 'These Flowers Of Ours' is another CD that, if I'm listening to it late at night after the disc is done playing, I'll just start it up again. Very addictive.

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Reviewed by Mike Reed

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