Aucan and Trust- Lades Kælder, København 4/8/09

From Aural Innovations May 2009 update

Wow..concert number 700! I met up with Nils at about 21:40 and he set up his mics to record.It used to be me who was recording all the shows. Nice that someone else is taking over sometimes. I had not heard either of these bands so did not really know what to expect. Trust are a new Danish band and this was their first gig. They only played like 35 minutes but powerful stuff. Just guitar (3 different types of guitar cabinets and loads of effects) and a drummer. They started off playing like thrash stuff but with really complicated guitar riffs and chords and using some cool effects to be very deep bass like (a bit like OM) or more dirty sounding. He would do some looping at the end of the show and then the drummer and guitarist switched places. They had some cool grooves for sure. I hope they will add a bass player and build on what they have going. Good start.


Acuna are from Italy and this was cool stuff. Two guitar players who both play keyboards as well. IT is more like the other way around, keyboard players that play guitars and then a wicked drummer. All the drums had triggers on them and were very tight with the keys. Theses guys played spacey, proggy, just plain hard or sometimes a bit electronic. IT was very cool to watch when the guys were playing guitar and keys at the same time and they would just whip over and plays some fast keys and back to guitar and back and forth. They only played about 45-50 minutes but they pretty much went all out. Will for sure see them again if they ever come around.


Reviewed by Scott Heller

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