Barbarella- Neon City
(Freebird Records BMR08003)

From Aural Innovations May 2009 update

This is the debut album by the Dutch band Barbarella. This EP features 6 tracks in 21 minutes and just kicks right in with killer stoner grooves. Monobeep starts things off and singer Jody goes straight for the QOTSA style vocal. Some aspects of this track are totally a rip off or tribute to QOTSA. Very short song. Had Enough is next and is more high energy rock and a bit more original in sound. Jody even goes for a bit of falsetto vocal. The title track starts off with some electronics before the hard riff kicks in. This one is a bit more spacey but also totally grooving. Sonic Nomad is a great track with a cool groove and great sound. Humblestooge Hurricane features some samples in the break which slows things down briefly before the band punches back ferociously and a cool wah guitar solo comes out of nowhere. Far too few guitar solos on this riff rock record.. The EP ends with Take me to your Leader, the most relaxed track on the CD. I am guessing this is a kick ass live band, hope they jam it out live and add some guitar solos though… Cool EP.

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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