Cherry Choke- Cherry Choke
(Elektrohasch CD128)

From Aural Innovations May 2009 update

Mat Bethancourt (Josiah, The Kings of Frog Island, The Beginning) is back with yet another new trio band. This one is harkening back to the late 60’s hard rock sound. She turns me on kicks ass from the start. Ride my black Balloon sounds a lot like a Cream tune. Think Tales of Brave Ulysses but not as cool. Reflections in Black is a more garagy noisy rocker. I am too keen on Mats vocal when he is just screaming out the words like in Cheetah. I can see the Girls Grow has a cool groove like you hear on some of the Mandragora Lightshow Society 60’s stuff (without the organ). The Need is a slower blues rocker. In my Mind is another Cream inspired track. Fridays in June is the last track on this 10 track 38 min CD. It is a more laid back track and instrumental.

If you dig the stuff that Mat does, you will dig this as well. This is a bit more 60’s and happy than some of the last stuff and the most similar to The Beginning than his other projects. He steals a lot of ideas from other bands. What will the next new band be called?

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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