Don Juan Matus- Don Juan Matus
(Nasoni Records Nasoni071)

From Aural Innovations May 2009 update

Don Juan Matus, a make believe character created by author Carlos Castaneda, is the source of this Peruvian bands name and inspiration, in creating this interesting piece of psychedelic rock music. The opening piece of music (Circulo de Sueños) is broken up into 5 pieces and starts spacey and then a quite heavy, doomy riff kicks in at part 2. Part 3 starts the stoned jam in the basement section with some nice guitar playing (needs some more effects though) and some spacey synths as well. The next section starts with a drum solo and really becomes uptempo and then ending spacey and doomy. Cool song. Matorral is a 3 minute acoustic guitar piece and very nice. Superzarza is a spacey psychedelic rock with Spanish vocals. Very 70’s vibe. Ciervo is a longer piece which is a spaced out piece with like a loud campfire burning in the background and some cool wah bass and guitar solos and strange sounds. Next is a short acoustic and vocal track before the heavy ending track, Los Ojos de Vermargar. It features a Hammond organ, the only track on the CD with organ and again is very 70’s rock! Great debut.

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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