Electric Mud Generator- To the Disdain of Polyhymnia
(PROG 002)

From Aural Innovations May 2009 update

This UK based band is into long tracks. This is the bands 2nd CD and it is pretty damn cool stuff.. The CD features 5 tracks in 73 minutes. The opening track is over 15 and not the longest. I like this kind of trip, which gives the band time to develop their tracks. Galactea is a dynamic track with a heavy riff, some nice acoustic parts and vocals. Great track but I really miss the long guitar solo. The band really uses heavy riffs to suck you and then twist you into their own little world. She wore Thorns starts very heavy before going strange… Winter has a very heavy metal riff, like Grand Magus or something but then really changes dynamics up and down and some interesting strange sounds mixed in as well and quite doomy at the end. Five elegies is the over 20 minute track and it is heavy but also has a nice folky part at the beginning, heavy and then a nice spacey fender Rhodes sounding part and then back to the heavy again. Phew.. The CD ends with The Abolition, another 15 minute track.

I think fans of the Pilgrim Fathers and Diagonal will like these guys as well.

Check out the band web site at: http://www.electricmudgenerator.co.uk
Check out the record label site at: http://www.myspace.com/totalprog

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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