The Achorado Sound of El Hombre Misterioso
(Nasoni Records 079)

From Aural Innovations May 2009 update

Wow..this is pretty damn cool stuff and again from Peru! It is hard to describe but it down and dirty rock and roll with congas and cool grooves and a very garagy stoney feel. Fallin’ Down starts the record off with a very spacey psychedelic start and then the bass, drums and congas kick in and some cool guitar is played and a very stoned track evolves. Psyched out stuff! El Pez raro is a slower, funky stoner track with some strange vocals. Lo Solido se Desvanece closes the side and is another slower track but with some cool psyched out guitar and a laid back stoney groove that fans of Brant Bjork would like. Ellas se Quedan begins side B with a psyched out guitar that moves around the speakers before a cool riff takes off and the pounding rhythm section enters. This is a sort of stoned sing along for groovers. Sueños Rojos is a slow number with a really deep bass line. Love the psych guitar on this one. Actually, I really dig the guitar that Rodrigo, who also does all the vocals, plays. Rottweiler of God (Strange title) reminds me of one of those Cheech and Chong songs with that heavy Latin groove and funny lyrics. The LP finishes off with Víctimas de la Confusión! What a damn cool record. Can’t wait for the next one!

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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