Burg Herzberg Festival V Compilation
(Herzberg Verlag v-hb-028)

From Aural Innovations May 2009 update

This is very good compilation CD, which contains some studio tracks and some material recorded live at the Festival. All the bands on the compilation have played at the festival, some many times. The CD starts off with Fishmoon, which provides a short 3 min acoustic bluesy track with some great guitar playing. Next up is the Ozric Tentacles inspired Quantum Fantay. A track from the new Korai Öröm CD called Twenty Four is next. Great track. The band Lava 303 gives the live track Dancing and this is real live rock techno dance stuff. Ornah Mental provides a track from their new Heliopolis CD. This is a spacey eastern dub like track. Cool. Krabat plays melodic rock music. On Trial is featured with their track, Morning sun in Burg Herzberg from the Forever LP. Omigosh has a live track from their Rainbows on my Blue Suede Shoes release. A quite melodic and laid back track to start that slowly builds up into a regular rock song. Magnificent Brotherhood plays Divine Advice from their new CD. Funny 60’s stuff. Schizoirantik plays Bilurification from their new live CD. This is pretty intense and complicated prog rock stuff and very psychedelic. Colour Haze, almost the house band for the festival the last many years, ends the CD with LOVE from their new double live CD on this label. Good taster for the label bands.

Check out the record label and festival site at: http://www.burgherzberg-festival.de

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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