Highway Child- On the old Kings Road
(Elektrohasch CD129)

From Aural Innovations May 2009 update

This is the Danish band Highway Child’s debut CD. It was released in Denmark privately by the band 2 years ago. It is just now being released in Germany on Elektrohasch and it coincides with the bands brand new CD called Sanctuary Come on Gateway Music in Denmark (see review in this issue). The CD starts with Lonely Time Blues which is a real 70’s foot stomping rocker with a cool groove. This gives you a taste of what this band is all about. Good time, blues rock and roll with taste. Change Yourself is another one that just sucks you in with the groove and the bass line. Branded a Fool begins with some really cool vocals and is a short acoustic summertime sitting in the garden blues number. Highclass Bitch is a bit like a down and dirty Guns and Roses track from the Illusion records era. Gold is a real stand out track and begins with acoustic guitar but then the heavy bass and electric guitar kicks in. The way the bass and drums are mixed on this one will remind you of Led Zeppelin. Sadly this track is way to short as the band really keep to the compositions here and don’t really try to jam or stretch out any of the numbers but this would have been a perfect one. High is a mellow bluesy track with acoustic guitar and harmonica. Lovin’ Lovin’ brings back the rock and is the longest song on the CD at 5 minutes and also the most psychedelic. This has a really catchy vocal and groove as well and reminds me of Josiah (who these guys have probably never heard of!). Track 8 has no name, just a blank space after the 8 and is under 2 minutes long and an organ and vocal track. It leads into one of the bands main live songs, Love for Sale. Another rocker but with some more ripping guitar and boogie to go along the side as well as a Robert Plant like vocal. Just like You is one of my favourite tracks by the band. I really like the vocals, the way the guitar riff pushes against the bass line. I should mention that the bass and drums are tight and really rocking in this band. The CD ends with the bands concert ending signature song called Highway Child.

While this record gives you a taste of the band, it is live, where this band really kicks ass and they jam out on a lot of songs as well, which really gives them that real authentic 70’s feel as well as sound. If these guys come by, don’t miss them. Very good debut CD.

Check out the bands web sites at: http://www.highwaychild.dk
Check out the Elektrohasch web site at: http://www.elektrohasch.de

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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