Highway Child- Sanctuary Come
(Gateway Music BDRECD002)

From Aural Innovations May 2009 update

The Danish rock and roll band Highway Child has returned with their 2nd and more diverse platter of music. I love this band live and now the studio records are really growing on me but I know some who are a bit disappointed that the records don’t sound like the band do live. I think the band will eventually take that energy and capture in the studio as well but for now I think they focus on making well crafted rock and roll music! Anyway, let’s get into this new record. The CD starts off with Red, White and Blue, another one from the bands live set that really kicks it down hard. The band has gone for a more 70’sound and a bit more psychedelic rock sound on this record. The band add a nice psychedelic ending to this one before going straight into In the End, which immediately reminds me of the Beatles. The track, When the Sun burned the Ground really channels the feeling of 1970 FREE. It features a nice simple piano line to compliment the track. The title track, again really reminds me of the Beatles. A short and strange track, with a far out bass. Once is Once too Much has a slow backwards guitar fade in and is a slow down and dirty blues rocker you might here in bar down in Texas. Great song. Turn me On takes us back to the rock and roll that Highway Child does best! Dear Girl is an acoustic ballad. You you You is an ass kicking rock and roll number and bit more rough and has some really passionate lead vocals. Take you Down is a very short foot stomper that the band has been playing for some years. The CD ends with Born on the Run. This is an acoustic track and again it reminds me of FREE. There is a hidden little bit after like 3 mins of silence.. This is a very different record from the first one. Enjoy, I did.

Check out the bands web sites at: http://www.highwaychild.dk
Check out the record label web site at: http://www.gatewaymusic.dk

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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