LEVEL PI - "Electronic Sheep" (2008)

From Aural Innovations May 2009 update

Level Pi is Dane Uwe Cramer. There are six lengthy pieces here that pretty much stay in the mode of later Tangerine Dream and other such electronic new-age composers. "String Theorie" starts off with an ambient vibe that somewhat recalls Floyd's extended "Shine On" intro, goes into a sequencer phase and lays on some nice lush keyboard waves, later there's live-sounding drums but then the keys...the whole key really becomes rather bland. Maybe too "prog"-sounding for a lot of A-I's psyche/space readership. "S.E.T.I." has some freaky synth washes, a pretty cool track, he seems to get a decent variety of tones. "Elfenstaub" begins with some nice '70's style tone-generations, then a bass-sequence rhythm which sounds later Kraftwerk-ish...it's mechanical but not in the greatest way...Kraftwerk had a fresh sound, some really sweet melodies and happy robot voices (but then they could be insufferably bland too!)...then the keyboard starts up with this new lead-rhythm, and I'm careful about throwing around the word "dated-sounding", but I think it fits here...at some point an "aaahhhh" choral sample kicked in. "Dishwasher" starts with some interesting rhythmic sampling (see title), throws in some spaced-out funky wah-guitar, continued pulses, a pretty dense melange of rhythms and fx. "Traumphase" is...just too familiar sounding, a benevolently-spacey cliched new-age/electro-ballad. "Theta Null" closes the album, a 16-minuter that begins a bit like the first track, then heads off into a pretty far-out kinda "Phaedra"-type sequence, then live drums...still, it builds like it's gonna get exciting but doesn't quite reach beyond this boring, proggy space-limbo.

Reviewed by Chuck

Check out the band web site at: http://www.level-pi.de


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