Mogul- Build me a Hunchback
(Buzzville BUZZCD029)

From Aural Innovations May 2009 update

Mogul is here to kick your ass with their melodic hard rocking riff rock (few guitar solos). On the opening track, the singer really uses the same style as John Garcia. Guitars are not sound like Kyuss but more like the Dutch hard rocking style. Return the Blues starts off more slowly but then becomes a foot stomping stoner track. Narrow Shoes has a really cool bass line and it just really rolls along before the guitar kicks in. Very groovy, and melodic. Gene 18 is over 7 minutes has a menacing beginning before settling down to be a bit dark and moody track. Low Tide is a slow building melodic track that seems to be crying out for help. Arlett really has an hanging beginning that keeps you waiting but then the really cool groove finally kicks in and off we go kids for a way too short instrumental track. This track should have really taken off with some killer lead guitars and more spacey effects. Hold On is foot stomping rock and roll song. Side Kick reminds me a lot of Hermano. All of my Bleeding with an intro and outro seals the CD, and is a more psychedelic track that really flies at the end and also has a nice slide guitar part. Fans of Kyuss, Hermano, John Garcia related stuff will probably enjoy this band as they have the influences but sort of do it their own way. They have a lot of very cool tracks but I really miss what a 2nd, especially lead guitar would do for this band.

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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