Motorhead - ' Motorizer'
(Steamhammer / SPV) Catalog no: 91630

From Aural Innovations May 2009 update

' Motorizer' is noted as being Motorhead's twenty-fourth album, which I'm assuming includes the five (5) major released live CD's they've put out. This most memorable CD cover here was done by artist Mark De Vito. I must say I honestly believe this has to be the best Motorhead disc I've heard in ages. All eleven tracks are sure to pull in your full attention and {practically} leave you gasping for more, as it did with me. Like the total ass-kicking "Runaround Man", the in-your-face "Teach You How To Sing The Blues", the head - riveting "Rock Out" (when I saw them recently, this was the only cut off this CD they were playing in their live set), "One Short Life" and the typical Motorhead rocker "Buried Alive". I didn't realize that Lemmy was now 63, but from the sound, production and the overall playing on this title, it appears the 'King Of Bass' hasn't lost a thing in the last thirty-some years since Motorhead was formed. As for the rest of the tunes, "English Rose", "Heroes", "Time Is Right" {would love to hear this track performed live} and especially the closer - that deals with war and faith - "The Thousand Names Of God", shows us what inspiring as well as intelligent lyrics Lemmy and crew is able to come up with. Comes with a neatly assembled 20-page CD booklet, supplying us, their loyal fans, with the song lyrics. Who says metal is dead? Those in question need to give a good listen to 'Motorizer'. 100% essential.

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Reviewed by Mike Reed

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