Shadows Of Knight - 'A Knight To Remember'
(Bassic-Lee Music)

From Aural Innovations May 2009 update

As most of you probably remember, the Shadows Of Knight were a late ' 60's garage rock band from Chicago that had a big hit with Van Morrison's "Gloria". What I've found is that many fans didn't know that they also had a minor hit with "Oh Yeah". It was on the charts for just one week but it was an actual hit. 'A Knight To Remember' is a decent twelve track comeback CD that features vocalist Jimy Sohns as the sole original member. Tunes here I liked the most were the solid foot-stomping rockers "Backseat Rockin' " and "Something To Remember Me By". Other worthy tracks include a song about a special woman - "Sinderella", the catchy "Love Is A Four Letter Word", "All Of The Nights", the very familiar sounding "Dirty Dirty Job" (where have I heard this riff before?), their worthy remake of Morrison's "Gloria" and "My House Has No Windows". Only cut here I couldn't quite grasp was the somewhat corny opener - a remake of "Hello, Dolly". Line-up: Jimy Sohns - lead vocals, Lee Brovitz - bass & vocals, Bobby Messano - guitar & vocals, Michael Junkroski - keyboards and Michael Campbell - drums & vocals. If you've experienced any of the recent reunion tours, one-off gigs, reunion or live reunion CD's by the likes of the Standells, the Kingsmen, Chocolate Watchband, The Sonics or the Electric Prunes, then you'd likely get as much out of this disc as I did. If you wish to hear sound clips of each song on this CD, try the Amazon site. I've also seen it priced real affordable on Ebay. Enjoy.

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Reviewed by Mike Reed

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