Sion Orgôn- The Zsigmondy Experience
(Lumberton Trading Company LUMBCD009)

From Aural Innovations May 2009 update

Wow..this is really special stuff and very hard to describe. There are 9 tracks in 55 minutes. 4 of the tracks are basically Sion playing all the instruments. The Evo Devo starts things off in a dark mood with some brooding drones and interesting cello. I’m in Black Out features bass, guitar, organ, drums, trumpet and synths and some seriously strange vocal manipulations. Strange stuff before the drum and bass groove start up and then it stays strange but with a groove and some hardcore vocals. Cool song. Paper Wings is 12½ minutes long and features like 10 people who all play their own special roll as the track slowly evolves. Later some very melodic singing comes in and the music is quite beautiful. Voices from the Meme Machine is a solo Sion track and quite spaced out and experimental. Skins on the Sky has an intense drone with a mixture of sun and spoken word vocals. Very intense. Some Bitch stole my Umbrella really builds up in a unique way and just then releases all the tension in your mind and body and allows you to float, only to come back and shock you back to reality. The Fruit Fly features only vocoder. Window on the World is a really cool song with drums and bass and then it suddenly dies and is silent for like the last 5 minutes. Brazen Strange Fish is solo vocoder stuff and ends this very unique CD. Very special indeed.

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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