Solenoid- Solenoid
(Buzzville Records BUZZCD027)

From Aural Innovations May 2009 update

Solenoid is a Belgian band from Genk! This record was recorded in Belgium but mixed in the UK by famous producer, Chris Tsangarides! This is high energy faced paced stuff. Out in the Cold just kicks it down hard and has some ripping solos. Down the Dream a few other tracks really sound a lot like Orange Goblin but with good lead guitar (something missing in OG these days). Her Peace changes the pace as the drumming seems to outpace the menacing guitar in this track. Nice dual trading lead guitar makes me smile. One Armed Man is another that sounds a lot like Orange Goblin. Angelspray is a very cool song, a bit of Iron Maiden influence. Short but Swell is actually not that short, timing in at over 6 minutes. It starts with a beginning like Trouble song, with nice melodic dual guitars and a heavy slow bass groove. Puppeteer has these nice harmony guitar like Thin Lizzy but sounds like an 80’s NWOBHM track. Cool. Whambambition is another fast one but it has a lot of unique parts and these melodic dual guitars at times, then it headbangs. Slayin’ is like the bands thrash track and only 2 mins! Grandadhead comes back with a more swinging groove
Trashday starts off very different from most tracks but then sounds like Iron Maiden meets Orange Goblin. The CD ends with Divide. It starts off sounding like a slow Slayer track and is sort of like a death metal track in some ways with the screaming vocals and menacing music. Cool debut.

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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