Telestrion- Stereo Subversion
(Electric Mind Records )

From Aural Innovations May 2009 update

Damn, the artwork on this CD and booklet is damn cool. The band comes from Atlanta GA and plays psychedelic rock of the heavy sort. The band was formed out of the ashes of Qualone (I quite liked their CD from 2004). The One to Go starts things off with a heavy rocker with a whiff of Beatles inspiration thrown in the soup. Sounds like a mix of Danava and Big Elf. Blue Sunshine is a melodic heavy rock song with a cool guitar line (sounds like one of those Moogfooger pedals). The ending of this one is slowed down and quite psychedelic. Song for the Sun is quite melodic as well and features some very psyched out guitars. Get your mind Out is very psychedelic and trippy with some crazy synths and a strange rhythm. Hiding from Knowing begins with some acoustic guitars and melodic soloing, which is needed after that previous psych monster. Very dreamy this one. Melting Away has some really cool spaced out slide guitar in this faster track with some guitar solos have fly while the background is heavy with sound. Spaced out and psychedelic! Middle of Something features a cool talk box guitar and a cool stoned groove. Great number. Half continues the psychedelic trip. Man, this CD just gets more and more tripped out. Sleeping Pill brings us back down with a bluesy stoned track. Psyched out. Now is just a good time hard rocker with a Black Sabbath like feel. Lost in the Sky is 13½ minutes and a monster track with a slow stoned feel and nice softly sung vocals as the track grows in intensity. The CD ends with the bands take on Astronomy Domine by Pink Floyd. Amazing Debut, highly recommended. Hope it comes out on double vinyl!

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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