Tribal Logic- Freaky Karma
(RAIG R033)

From Aural Innovations May 2009 update

Tribal are a new Russian band from Chelyabinsk in the Urals. The band is a four piece and instrumental and explore light spacey jazz and improvised themes. The CD bio says it is progressive rock but it not rock at all. No one is rocking out on this CD. Very jazzy. The 4 track CD opens with Detective, which starts with a spacey synth drone over which the bass player lays down some really cool lines before the drums and keyboards come in and a repetitive line of scales is woven into the fabric of the jam. Interesting. Wooden Rain, is 25 minutes long and begins with an organ before a repetitive theme with a similar keyboard sound starts the jam off with a really cool bass line in tow as well. Now we get some guitar adding to the mix as well but the jam is dominated by the keyboards. Later some sax comes in with a slightly Russian like theme, as the drums get wild and also the guitar returns for some short soling. The track goes through many moods and you must be patient to follow it’s progress. The title track, Freaky Karma is next (about 10 mins) is pretty laid back jazzy lounge jazz to start but then it picks up with a nice sax solo. The song later changes and becomes quite spacey. The last track, also 25 minutes long, starts with an organ drone which becomes a floating church like thing with some intense bass lines over the top while the drummer pounds away in his own world. This section starts to devolve in an interesting way. Spacey, then cello and violin are mixed in. The track gets very spaced out and the drummer takes charge and the track ends with the beginning organ theme and we are done. One must be very patient to listen to this CD but if you are you will enjoy it. Cool stuff.

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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