Valravn, Euzen, 180 Vivar- Amager Bio, København 2/13/09

From Aural InnovationsMay 2009 Update

I was not sure what to expect on this night. IT was entitled, Copenhagen folktronica Festival. I had seen Valravn at Roskilde and knew they were cool but the other two bands did not sound that great based on music on myspace. The first band, 180 Vivar, started at about 9:15 and they had a huge band, 9 on the stange most of the time but several different singers came out. Their first two songs were pretty amazing and the sound was really good and it turns out it was the same guy who did the OSC sound at Loppen. Good ears… They played a few so so songs but ended with a really cool track as well.

180 Vivar Euzen

Eminerez had another guy playing mandolin and guitars and young kids. Some of their stuff was pretty cool also but the sound guy was not really that good now and the sound was mostly bass, drums and voice with the guitar and electronics (sounds and synths) far too low until the last 3rd of the concert. I complained to him 2x. Valravn, were really cool but it was almost 12 when they started and ¼ of the people had already left. Damn, their music is cool stuff. A dark Nordic folk electronic thing going on. Very unique. They only got to play like 45 minutes and were forced to quit. They should have started earlier. Anyway, they had a huge Raven come out on the last song before the encore and that was really cool. Great band..


Reviewed by Scott Heller

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