Votum- Time must have a Stop
(Prog Rock Records PRR670)

From Aural Innovations May 2009 update

This is the debut CD by this 6 piece Polish band is pretty melodic stuff. According to the bio, the band has been together since 2003 and this is their debut CD. The CD comes with a very nice 16 side booklet with all the lyrics, photos and info about the CD. The opening track Me in the Dark is a bit like Queensryche. The singer has an excellent voice and the sound production is very good. The Pun is a unique track and I like the mix. It is more mellow with keyboards taking a lead in the sound with the guitars pushed back but then the sound will switch a bit. Most of the track is a pretty melodic pop metal prog like track but then at 5 minutes the band really picks it up and rocks and then I ends. Pity. Passing Scars starts with a wall of riffs and some synths before really kicking into a slow heavy epic type medieval track. Trains back Home is a ballad. The Hunt is On begins with acoustic guitar and is a melodic rock track. Away is another ballad with acoustic guitar and a nice guitar solo (one of the few on the CD). Look at me Now, returns with a heavy riff and the tune gets a bit spacey in the middle end section before a very cool guitar riff comes back. Probably my favourite track on the CD. The CD ends with the title track, which is also the longest track. One thing I find interesting is this while this will get lumped in with progressive metal, it is not very progressive in the sense that there are very few solos of any type. Everything is constructed around being pretty, melodic and beautiful music with some metallic riffs and guitars, but it is really a heavy version of pop music. That is the way I see it. Anyway, there are quite a few really strong songs and a great vocalist.

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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