Witchcraft (opening for International Noise Conspiracy)- Loppen, Christiania 2/27/09

From Aural Innovations May 2009 update

Nils and I were on the guest list and were planning to have a music night at my place. We should up like 9:45 and went and said hello to the band and I gave them a copy of the multittrack mix from their last show at Loppen. I recorded this show as well tonight from the audience. A decent crowd by the time Witchcraft had finished and they played a great set but still not doing any jamming. Perhaps after they and Graveyard come back from Duna Jam in Sardina they will be a different band! We did not stay to see International Noise Conspiracy. I heard a few tracks on myspace and did not really like them much.

Set List: Queen of Bees, No angel or Demon, Walk between the Lines, Hey Doctor, Witchcraft, Schyssta, Wooden Cross, If Crimson was your Colour, Chylde of Fire

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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