Ainigma - Diluvium
(Garden of Delights)

From Aural Innovations October 2009 update

This was a pretty cool German band from 1973 and rare LP (recently sold for over $700 on Ebay). The band played progressive psychedelic rock. As is usual with Garden of Delights, there is a large booklet with the full history of the band, pictures, and description of the bands that these guys would later play in. You also get two bonus tracks. One is just an instrumental version of the long title track, while the other is a track called Thunderstorm, recorded later in the bands history. The opening track is a hard rocker with a really raw nasty guitar sound but very organ driven like Atomic rooster, a clear influence on this band. You must Run is also a hard hitter with the organ playing a dominant role as well, while the guitar is heavy, raw and psyched out. All things are fading is a slower track with nice organ playing and melodic guitar work. The title track takes the next 18 minutes and starts slow and spacey but soon the pace picks up in this heavy stoned track. Thunderstorm is like a rehearsal room recording and very raw and a times reminds me a bit of Astronomy Domine by Pink Floyd. Anyway, this is a raw German classic for sure. Enjoy.

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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