Aaron Dilloway - Chain Shot
(Hanson Records)

From Aural Innovations October 2009 update

I am not sure what the market is for this type of totally experimental industrial music but it must be small. This is something totally unique but also off the wall as well. Aaron has locked himself away in a private place with some metallic objects, tape machines, a few horns and lots of imagination. Aaron is no amateur, he has produced many releases in all sorts of formats; tapes, 7”, 3” CD-R, LP, and of course CD. Chain Shot hit starts things off and it sounds like Aaron is cleaning out his basement while swinging a lot of chains around and making a good wreck of the place and it is all recorded by a muffled microphone. Bizarre… Execution Dock is next and another 15 minute tripped out piece but extreme in a quite different manner with bizarre tape loops that sort of fuck with your mind after awhile. I think this is some sort of subliminal stuff that tries to get you to turn it off… but you must be patient and wait for the blenders and drills and saws that cut your brain in half. Probably too dangerous to hear this in headphones. Medusa is the last and bonus track on the CD and lasts for 28 minutes. It is very strange, just a hum of static and sonic rumblings for about 13 minutes and then the sound of water enters into the soundscape and after a few minutes a repeated drone begins. The static-hum dies out around 22 minutes and it sounds like Aaron is loading a gun or something while recording with this muffled mic technique. Not a fly is buzzing around and some screaming sounds begin. Let’s just say it is challenging listening and bizarre. A final warning, like some rock and metal album recommend that you play it loud, do not play this at maximum volume! Just a warning…

Visit the Hanson record label site at: http://www.hansonrecords.net

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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