Acidmothersguruguru- Underdog Express
(Fünfundvierzig 165)

From Aural Innovations October 2009 update

This is a strange project with Mani from Guru Guru on drums and Kawabata (guitar) and Atsushi (bass, vocals) from Acid Mothers Temple. The group toured all around the world and this gig was recorded in Japan in February 2008. While the band did jam off some AMT and Guru Guru songs on some of the shows, these are all unique and strange tracks. You really have to be a fan of these freaks or otherwise this might just be too strange. The CD starts with the 3 minute Flexitwister and Kawabata is freaking out on the guitar straightaway, full on guitar torture while Mani plays frantically. Next is the 29 minute title track, which starts with some strange kazoo stuff and Mani on drums but it slowly takes off in another direction as the bass kicks in and some really far out sounding guitar. Yes. It only gets stranger…… In the Cave of the Mountain Gods has the band talking and doing strange stuff and chanting and hitting cymbals, bells, etc… weird. These guys are freaks. In to…. Begins with some very beautiful guitar. Yes, Kawabata can actually play some normal guitar when he wants to, but don’t worry it does not stay normal for long as a strange sound of some sort, a synth, glissando guitar, adds to the mix and takes over the sound and Mani joins in as well. This is quite cool and listenable but still far out and features some great bass playing before the band just starts freaking out. The 10 minute Spirit of Nara ends this freakout session. It might be for you or maybe not… Oh yeah, the vinyl version contains a unique version of the Guru Guru track, Bo Diddley.

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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