Action - self-titled
(Garden Of Delights) Catalog no: CD149

From Aural Innovations October 2009 update

To avoid any and all confusion, this is not the British mod band from the late ' 60's. This 1972 self-titled import CD is the sole effort from the obscure 'heavy rock' five piece that is from Zweibrucken, Germany. I thought that "Miscarriage Of Human Thinking, Part One" was a decent rocker and that the thirteen-minute "Miscarriage Of Human Thinking, Part Two" was sort of Uriah Heep-ish. Also, the eight-minute "Hell Track" featured some rather good guitar and vocals as so did "You Are The Lady". That's it for the 'actual' album. Garden Of Delights took the liberty of adding three bonus tracks from a two-gig mini reunion tour that four out of five original members {looks like they got a new vocalist} played on November 22, 2008 at the Zweibrucken Festival. Action had reportedly drawn a crowd of 2,500 - and after you hear these live cuts for yourself, you'll see that they haven't lost a beat.

Line-up: Wolfgang Benki - vocals, Charly Fottner - guitar, Harald Schindler - bass, Otto Nunold - organ and Ernest Cadet - drums. Should definitely do something for fans of Deep Purple, the previously mentioned Uriah Heep, Episode Six, maybe Atomic Rooster and a similar band - Sub, whose CD titled 'In Concert' that Garden Of Delights put out awhile back (Cat. No: CD09) - look it up online. Not a bad pick.

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Reviewed by Mike Reed

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