Black Pyramid - Black Pyramid
(Electric Earth EARTH07)

From Aural Innovations October 2009 update

This is the band’s second release on the Electric Earth label and double album featuring only 56 minutes of music. There is one exclusive track on the vinyl version (Macedonia). The LP starts off with and the Gods made War, and this heads directly into a track that I thought was a Sleep cover song called Visions of Gehenna, which sounds a lot like the version on the 7”. Mirror Messiah is next and this is a more melodic and slower track to start but then it really kicks in half way through and goes uptempo but still with that deep bass and a nice short wah guitar solo. It has a very nice melodic ending. Solos are far too few these days in most bands, especially in this genre. No Life King kicks in with a monster fuzzed out riff and a cool groove. Celephais is a short acoustic track that leads into Twilight Grave9, which brings back some memories of Sleep again but with a bit more of a Dozer like stoner groove. Macedonia is instrumental and has a real old school Sabbath feel to it. Great track. Maybe the best yet and only on the vinyl release. The Worm Ouroboros is next and nearly 8 minutes long and a slower and excellent track as well. Things just keep getting better. Also very Sabbath like and they even steal and slow down the riff for War Pigs for the ending. The Cauldron Born is another uptempo track and I really like the mid section of this one. Good stoner groove as well. The album ends with Wintermule. It begins with acoustic guitar and some powerful singing, even if he does not really have that good or interesting of a voice, and then it slowly builds up into a melodic and heavy track. Great debut.

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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