Causa Sui, Milk and Honey - Stubnitz, København 7/16/09

From Aural Innovations October 2009 update

My daughter and nephew had just left to go to the USA and I was now alone for a few weeks, until more guests arrive. I had just seen Causa Sui at the KIldemose Festival but they did not have the Swedish Sax player with them and this adds a lot and I know they had a rehearsal or two before they were heading down to play at the Burg Herzberg Festival Friday. They should be smoking on this night. Anyway, we arrived in time to meet up with half of the staff of Lowcut (JonA, Jens, Tomsen). I came with Nils and Anders. They were all having some beers but I had to go to work in the morning so was taking it easy. Milk and Honey were not really my sort of thing but the last track with a pedal steel guitar player was damn cool. They had a lot of friends in the audience but it was roasting hot in the boat and everyone was dying to go up for some air.

Milk and Honey

Causa Sui tried to get set up as fast as possible and get going. And as I predicted they did play a smoking set and all the tracks were pretty much jams based on the material from their 3 Summer Sessions records. The material is becoming pretty tight now and seems a lot less improvised but they still improvise for sure. Amazing band. I think they played about 75 minutes. Cool show. Hope they blew them all away in Germany!

Causa Sui

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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