Da Capo - s/t
(Garden of Delights 2005, CD109

From Aural Innovations October 2009 update

From the German town of Furth, this is the first Da Capo album, released in 1972. Named after the second album of Los Angeles band Love. The lineup is Peter Stanek guitar, vocals, Peter Treiber guitars, vocals, Peter Wiesner bass, vocals and Alfred Urban drums. The story is that Da Capo originally released 500 copies of this album and after selling and giving away half of them they threw the rest away because they were very disappointed in the sound of the record. Well of course it became insanely obscure and collectible so here we are! FREE reminds me of the late 60's California band Mad River. Very 1967 West Coast sound! Hey, if you're gonna name yourself after another bands album what could be cooler than Da Capo by Love?!? (one of my personal favorites) Nice, full sound!! FUTURE not the strongest vocals, very un-German for sure. Overall very nice tune, good feel and energy!! FIND MY WAY HOME German/USA Country Rock?!? YOUNG MAN the German Luke the Drifter meets Roger McGuinn on vocals?!? Kinda bizarre but very nice! Now some countrified German harmonica. CAN SMILE some more Mad River inspired West Coast acid boogie! Abrupt change into soft quiet vocal section. Sounds almost like Marty Balin?! SHE'S LEAVING some swamp rock, pretty cool! A DAY IN THE REST OF MY LIFE the over the top instrumental. Oh, this is a take on the song Revelation, the B side of the Love Da Capo album. (Which the Rolling Stones copied on their Aftermath album as Goin' Home although everyone thought that Love copied the Stones). This is pretty great, actually more listenable than the Love track!! MARIHUANA oh, what a great title for a song! The musician's special friend. This song has a very Quicksilver Messenger Service sound to it! Gets very quiet, almost experimental. The booklet photos of the band are great! Hairy and Scary!!!!

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Reviewed by Carlton Crutcher

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