Elder - Elder
(Electric Earth EARTH05)

From Aural Innovations October 2009 update

Wow. This band really caught me by surprise and they have a really unique sound as well. The LP features 5 tracks in 42 minutes. After listening to the Ocean Chief and Black Pyramid LPs before this one, this promo CD has a much more digital and less organic analog feel, unfortunately. I hope that is not the case on the vinyl mastered version. What it lacks in sonic qualities, it makes up in cool stoney psychedelic grooves. White Walls is a pretty cool track with some organ adding in the end to make it a bit more psychedelic. This gives you a bit of a taster for what is to come. Ghost Head is a very cool stoner rock track in the vein of Fu Manchu but with a more heavy bass line. This band is not much into soloing either and more into grooves but I like the way the guitar player at least modulates his sound with some cool pedals and this track is a good example. It later becomes slowed down and more doomy. Riddle of Steel is a long track in two parts which makes up the second side of the LP. The track starts off Sleep inspired but really evolves. This has some really cool guitar, both ripping lead and spaced out before coming back to the Sleep like part. A bit of it reminded me of Ogre. For the second part, they keep a steady groove but the riff is now different. They have a great mix of doom, stoner and 70’s rock. Cool band.

Visit the Electric Earth record label site at: http://www.electric-earth.com

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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