Embryo - 'Wiesbaden 1972'
(Garden Of Delights) Catalog no: CD144

From Aural Innovations October 2009 update

As anyone who has ever read even a few of my CD reviews, it's apparent that I am a huge live CD nut. I've been asked before - what am I going to do when I obtain a copy of every CD title that I want? That's really a trick question. Here's why: this Garden Of Delights release for example is of an unreleased live performance that Embryo played way back when. I simply love the way these long running bands can dive into their personal stash of concert recordings as such, give them a legit release and make them available to the public. Show took place on December 17, 1972 at the Wartburg, a concert hall in Wiesbaden, Germany. Sound quality here is brilliant - truly showcases this experimental / krautrock band's talent. Almost felt like I was (virtually) at the concert myself, with the somewhat tribal opener "Ouverture Marimbasaz", the rocking "Sunrising", "Dieter Plays", the intricate piece "Space To No Place To Go", "Andalucia Si" and the progressive (in every sense of the word) "Master Plan Of Pharoa". Happen to notice that all six of those tracks run together so extremely well, I honestly had a tough time telling where one song ended and the next one began. To me, that was more or less the actual performance - but there's more - the twenty-one minute fusion masterpiece "Pygmaen Uberall / Back From Africa" and the bonus cut - the twelve-minute jazzy "Clockwork Blue". Line-up: Christian Burchard - drums, marimba & vocals, Roman Bunka - guitar, sax & vocals, Randy Stiletti - bass, Dieter Miekautsch - percussion & piano, Klaus Gotzner - percussion and guest XHOL member Hansi Fischer on the previously mentioned "Pygmaen Uberall / Back From Africa". Every bit as outstanding as their earlier Garden Of Delights 'Bremen 1971' release (see my review in Aural Innovations - issue number 29). So highly recommended, it makes my head hurt.

Check out the Garden of Delights web site at: http://diregarden.com

Reviewed by Mike Reed

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