Filoritmia - Passaggi
(Filoritmia Music 2009)

From Aural Innovations October 2009 update

I have never heard of this Italian progressive rock band but wow… This is a very impressive package with a deluxe multi sleeve fold out digipack with amazing artwork to go along with each piece of music. You also get all the lyrics in Italian. The most impressive CD package I have seen this year. But it is not just about the art, the band can really play some amazing and dramatic and beautiful music. The first two opening tracks are some of my favourites and also a bit more heavy. L’Uomo che Torna is next and an instrumental and quite complex arrangement lead by the keyboards more or less throughout the track. Non e Festa is next and almost 9 minutes with a slightly darker yet melodic theme to start. But it really builds in intensity and reminds me of Goblin. It has a nice acoustic ending as well. Great song. Godo is next and clocks in at 9½ minutes and is quite guitar dominated with a cool rock riff that takes the track along but some nice synth lines also add a bit of psychedelic element. Like all the rest of the song, it also twists and turns and develops and features some nice lead guitar as well. Il Sogno del Fotografo is a very complicated and dynamic track with features piano and nice vocals. The track really takes off at the end. Questo features a heavy metal like guitar and is a bit crazy at times. I like the interplay with the organ and guitar. Cool guitar on this track. Manifesto ends this hour long CD of 8 tracks and is 10 minutes long and has many different passages and themes. Again, another great song. Fans of PFM, Goblin, and other 70’s Italian prog bands will like this very much. Amazing CD. I can’t wait to hear the next one.

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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