Gargamel - Descending
(Transubstans 042)

From Aural Innovations October 2009 update

The Oslo, Norway progressive rock band Gargamel have returned with a perhaps more dark record than their debut and the King Crimson influence is still evident on some tracks. The opening 10 minute track, Descending, is a slow dark, moody track with mellotron and deep layers of instrumentation. The band recorded the basic tracks live in the studio and then made layers of overdubs. The 14 minute Prevail the Sea is next and a bit like early King Crimson but the sound is not so rich (they can’t afford to record analog probably) KC. Anyway, it has a lot of cool solo parts with flute, trumpet or mellotron solos, but no guitar solos. Trap is quite a special track and does have a short guitar solo. This one reminds me a bit of LA based band Phideux. An interesting song with a strange up and down beat. Labyrinth is the 17 ½ minute closer. It is in the style of the other songs on the record except for the very cool spacey and experimental mid section of this song which starts about 5 minutes into the track. The track exits the space on the back of some very nice horn playing and vocal like keyboards before going into a long and intense jam. Wow... killer stuff.

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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