Jeavestone, Mescalin Baby - Studenterhuset, København 8/21/09

From Aural Innovations October 2009 update

I came from the yearly work summer party and met Keith at the Metro station and we walked to the Studenterhuset. There are a lot of young people drinking in the streets on this night, which is probably the last of the really warm ones this summer. When I arrived at the club I met up with Mikko from Jeavestone. Very nice guy. Keith and I sat outside with Ralph and a old friend of his from Switzerland who has been booking shows down there for some years. It is amazing weather outside and hot and stuffy inside despite the new fans and remodelling they have done since I was here for the Fuzz Manta release party a few months back.

Anyway, Keith and I went in a few minutes before the local band Mescalin Baby were to start and we grabbed a beer. I have never heard of this band and on this night they had a guest banjo player from Norway, a quite young kid. They played from 10:15 until about 11. They had a few really excellent songs and a very animated and good front man. They sounded a bit like Wilco at times. Some of their songs in the middle of the set were a bit boring but better than your average unknown Danish band, I would say.

Mescalin' Baby with guest banjo player

Jeavestone had written me in the spring about contacts for a gig and I sent them to Ralph who managed to get them this gig. I have not heard their CD but only their music on their web site and it was really cool stuff so I was really looking forward to seeing them. I guess there was 100 people in the club when they played and about 40 that were paying any attention at all and I think they were all digging it. This band is very hard to describe but they have an excellent singer/guitarist, female keyboard/flute/vocals, bass (very good!), drums and another guitarist who also played lead and melodica. They played about a 65 minute set which included songs from the CD as well as new tracks. They were very tight this band and really enjoying themselves as well. It is hard to describe them but it like if you mixed Styx (70's stuff), Five Fifteen (Great Finnish band) and blue Oyster Cult, you might get something like this! Great band interplay, cool songs. They had acoustic guitar on 2-3 tracks in the middle of the set. Great show..

Setlist: Quela, Plastic, hot Summer, Raper, Mirror Monologue, Snowfall, Crazy, Veijo, Orgasm, Knights, Showpiece, Your Turn, Playhouse (not sure this one was played but it was on the set list)


Reviewed by Scott Heller

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