Knitting by Twilight - An Evening out of Town
(It’s twilight Time eve-5)

From Aural Innovations October 2009 update

This is very special and moody music by John Orac. He is joined by his wife on one track and Manny on the opening number but other than that he does it all his own way… The music is rhythmic, with simple instrumentation and some occasional voices. The tracks are all 3-4 minutes but a lot happens in this short time and John experiments with a lot of strange sounds to evoke special moods in the music. I really like Water pumps from Cloudland. Nice bass groove and spacey music. Soothing Stars is an interesting mix with uptempo low mixed drums but then a synth drone, bells, and other sounds. Cool. Evelyn’s Glen is a bit more psyched out but still has that spacey drone underneath. The drums are in the forefront now the opposite of the last track. Creative stuff. Oblivion’s Poppied Slope features 3 guitars making strange noises, airplane sounds, feebacks, etc, while John lays down some interesting drums and percussion. Psyched out stuff. Pictures of Delight is a drone synth piece with tambourine. Audrey, which has appeared on an earlier EP is a new version here and a strange track with a slightly effected sound. Bell Weather features John’s wife on sleepy bird guitar. The CD ends with Venus for Everyone and again John plays some really masterful percussion stuff that really makes these simple music pieces come to life. Well done and interesting music.

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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