The Leslie West Band - The Leslie West Band
(Voiceprint VP456CD)

From Aural Innovations October 2009 update

Originally released in 1976, this record was recorded at Electric Ladyland Studios in NYC and featured Corky as well as Mick Jones on guitar (and one of his songs Singapore Sling) and other guests. This trio wrote all the songs except the couple of covers. It starts off with Money, which has a killer guitar riff and is a really excellent song. The Beatles cover, Dear Prudence, the longest track on the LP at 4:44, is an excellent version with acoustic guitars and very tuneful guitar solo. Get it Up is a pretty fast paced track with some fantastic harmonica by Sredini Vollmer! Singapore Sling is a short acoustic piece, which I presume Mick played the acoustic guitar on as this is the only instrument on this short track. By the River, has another heavy blues rock riff and sounds a bit like Lynryd Skynryd. The Twister has a slow stoney groove for the most part and features a sax solo by Frank Vicari. Setting Sun is a countryish track with it’s slide guitar parts and laid back vibe. Sea of Heartache is a bit Hendrix inspired instrumental track. Great short spacey track. We’ll find a Way bluesy southern rocker as well including some nice female backing vocals. The CD ends with a cover of We gotta get out of this Place and not played at all like you would expect. Cool version. It is a pity that all the tracks are so short and that Leslie and Mick lay down so few wicked solos. On the plus side we have a collection of really excellent songs and a solid record for 1975 but they should have tried to find some live stuff or more studio stuff to fill out this release as it is only 33 minutes long.

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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