Man - Kingdom of Noise
(Point Records PNTVP135CD)

From Aural Innovations October 2009 update

So Martin Ace has taken off with the MAN name now with his son and old MAN keyboard player, Phil Ryan. Not really MAN if you ask me but what the hell. Someone has to use the name and try to make a living, right? But do they make a record that can stand up to the MAN name, that is the question? And the answer is, not even close, sadly. The recording is very nice and it was produced by Phil Ryan (I think he still lives in Denmark) and engineered by Alan Murdoch, who worked with Man, many moons ago. There are 9 tracks and 4 of the 9 are written and sung by Martin’s son, Josh. Martin wrote the rest with Dulli. Anyway, sadly, on the musical side this record is pretty disappointing and I have to say I cannot recommened it. Very basic melodic boring rock and roll. Some great lyrics by Josh, clearly a thoughtful fella, but musically, I could not get excited about it. They really need the influence of Micky, Deke or Terry…

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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