Militia - Released
(Rockadrome ROCK021-F-2)

From Aural Innovations October 2009 update

Wow, this is a really special release for fans of the mid-80s thrash-speed metal scene. This band was from Texas and one of the hardest thrash bands from Texas at this time. The booklet is amazing with a lot of details about the band, concert poster, lots of photos, etc. Anyway, the quality is a little rough on the first demo tape from 1985 and due to the high pitched screaming ability of the singer it reminds me a bit of Agent Steel. Three tracks are featured. Next is the band’s only official release a 12” called “The Sybling” released in March 1986. This sounds a bit like Overkill to me the first track. Anyway, after this you get the two track demo released in June 1986. The band went through several guitar players over their short career. Track 9, Thrash to Destroy, is very special as the band made a demo of this in 1984 and completed it in 2008! Finally, the CD ends with two live rehearsal room recordings. This is quite a cool document of the times, the sound, and the screams. It will be very cool for those from Texas who were actually fans of the band.

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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