Missus Beastly - s/t
(Garden of Delights 2005)

From Aural Innovations October 2009 update

What a great band name and cover art!!! The name "Missus Beastly" comes from the doll (Mrs. Beasley) that the little girl had on the American TV show "Family Affair." This self titled album is not to be confused with the first release of the band in 1970 also titled "Missus Beastly," This was many lineup changes later and released in 1974. The band was founded in Herford Germany in 1968 and originally called Psychotic Reaction.... JULIA rockin' jazz.....20TH CENTURY BREAK yes, more of the same, weird time signatures, no vocals. Not what I'd usually listen to but I can dig it!! GEISHA more low-key funk rock with flute, very nice! VACUUM CLEANERS DANCE almost has a mid 70's Miles feel? Almost! PARANOIDL this was probably very cutting edge for 1974 but now sounds a bit fern bar-ish! Still nice, well done, not offensive in any way! Gets very rockin'/badass in 2nd half of song......FLY AWAY quiet, jazzy funk rock, hypno bass beat, the Big horn section. These guys were probably wicked ass live! Some awesome flute, yeah, they're gettin' it.....TALLE some more nice flute rock with the big rock changes! FREE CLINIC atmospheric guitar...now the big bass beat, over the top drums, wailing flute...yeah, these live bonus tracks somehow make more sense than the studio recordings!! The band is very tight and rockin'. VOODOO DANCE nice exploratory jazz rock, I especially dig the bass tone....Goes through some very intricate musical passages....reminds me of Soft Machine's bassist....PARANOIDL (LIVE) yes, very rockin'...these live tracks allow you to really hear how powerful the band was as a unit! VLOFLUTHO flutin' out with drums, sounds like homemade recording?! Beautiful band, very impressive ..

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Reviewed by Carlton Crutcher

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