On Trial, Jørgen Teller and the Empty Spaces, The Separations - Dæmonens Port, København 5/1/09

From Aural Innovations October 2009 update

This was a special night in the underground club. Most of all the Danish people who went to Roadburn were all here. It was fun meeting to see all of us together in a different place. I had not seen On Trial since last summer and that was an off gig. Anyway, the Separations, I had never heard of and they did not do much for me. They play some sort of new wave rock and roll. I am not into this scene at all. The new soundsystem in the club was great. Jørgen Teller and friends made a hell of a lot of noise. Wow. I just don’t really understand this free jazz approach to rock with two screaming guitars, drums and bass just rocking out. They had some cool passages here and there and I guess that is what you are suppose to get out of it as they are clearly experimenting as well with very little structure. People seem to like them but also about half the people went outside as it was just too much.

It was around 00:45 when On Trial started and I was surprised that after a spacey opening they went straight into Pot of Gold! Never seen them open with that one. They played several new songs and they were not bad but it is a more smooth, melodic slick psych sound and they only played a bit longer psych jam a few times in the set. The band did not play anything off the Blinded by the Sun record. Anyway, a strong show by the band. Great jam House is not a Hotel by LOVE. Fun show and some of Sumo Sun guys were there, many from Lowcut, etc. Fun night.

Jørgen Teller and the Empty Spaces

Set list on paper for On Trial:
Psycheboble>Kaos>Pot of Gold, Kill City, Too Late, No Beginning, Flashinghast, Do you see Her, Long Way Down, Beat, Just Because, Blood River, Strange Whispers, Blood Butterfly, House is not a Hotel, Going N (not played), That’s Right

On Trial

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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