Os Mundi - Sturmflut
(Garden Of Delights) Catalog no: CD142

From Aural Innovations October 2009 update

As for those of you who aren't familiar with Os Mundi, they were an early '70's progressive band from Berlin, Germany. Personally, I liked their two other CD's a bit better - ' Latin Mass' (' 70) and '43 Minuten' (' 72). This 2008 release of 'Sturmflut' (in English, that means Storm Tide) is a collection of the band's unreleased work, recorded between 1973 - 75. Best described - possibly as low-key progressive. On a five star scale, I would likely give it three-and-a-half stars. Tracks that I was digging the most were the rather lively nine-minute "Don't Ask" (good bass lines), the well played "Deef Bass" and the somewhat dream-like "Wabar Wabar". The second half of this release turns jazzy - but I didn't really mind so much. I mean the title cut "Sturmflut", "En Suite" and "Riding On The Road" at least provides strong evidence that Os Mundi can, in fact be musically diverse.

Line-up: Udo Arndt - guitar & synthesizer, Mikro Rilling - cello, Dietrich Markgraf - flute, Klaus Henrichs - alto sax & baritone sax, Ludolf Kuchenbuch - tenor sax & soprano sax, Harald Skorepa - piano & synthesizer, Christoph Busse - drums and Michael Gunter (Agitation Free) - guest on bass. Comes with a 32-page informative CD booklet. Basically, if you like other similar titles as such on the Garden Of Delights label, you'll probably enjoy this title.

Check out the Garden of Delights web site at: http://diregarden.com

Reviewed by Mike Reed

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