Paradise 9 - Nothing for Tomorrow
(2009 Paradise 9)

From Aural Innovations October 2009 update

The UK psychedelic rock band Paradise 9 is back with a new EP. The EP it was mixed by Steve Rispin (Asia) and mastered by Andy Jackson (Pink Floyd). Four songs, four styles. The title track, Nothing for Tomorrow, starts things off with some spacey sounds and a dry guitar before the hypnotic, almost punky, Talking Heads like rhythm takes over. The singer sings with a sort of snotty punky style, which is pretty cool but this is melodic uptempo spacey stuff. Great track. Crystalized Moments is very Pink Floyd inspired and melodic but again, a quality song is laid down with a great sound production and nice guitar solo at the end (could be a bit longer though.). Broken Promises is a mid paced track that I did not find that interesting until the spacey ending but then they end the song rather than take it somewhere else. The EP ends with the 11 minute Points of View, which combines the elements of the other three tracks. It also features a pretty cool mid section with a long sax solo. Great stuff from this promising UK band!

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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