Quicksilver Messenger Service - Reunion
(Voiceprint/Bear Records BEARVP112CD)

From Aural Innovations October 2009 update

This was quite a surprise for me. I was not really aware that this group had got back together. Well, it is only two of the original five (2 out of the other 3 are dead). This says that it was recorded at Sweetwater in Mill Valley, CA on June 2006 but during the first song on CD 1 they say that they love LA (Los Angeles). They do joke around a lot on the CD. Also, note that the first CD has Set 2 and the first track is repeated two times in a row to start the CD but they call it a different name but it exactly the same song repeated. Pretty poorly put together. It sounds like a two channel soundboard as the vocals and drums are the dominant instruments in the mix and the guitars a bit in the back when the band sings. When they are just playing their instruments, it is pretty well balanced. You can hear the band are having a pretty good time as they go through renditions of a number of the classic QSM songs like Edward the Mad Shirt Grinder, Pride of Man, Gold and Silver and Dino’s Song. They still play a lot of the covers they used to in the 60’s like Mona, Smokestack Lightning, Killing Floor, and Who do you Love. Some of the songs are repeated in sets one and two. Anyway, it is ok stuff but nothing like the band was like in the 60’s and a bit like the 70s. I was surprised that Fresh Air was not played. Enjoy.

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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